The Frontier of
Kentucky Spirits

For Kentuckians, bourbon isn’t just a drink. It’s a treasure-a link to our past that continues to drive our future. Over 200 years ago, it warmed the brave patriots who fought to secure our liberty. Today, it warms us. It refreshes and restores. It keeps us close to our roots–that wild, pioneer spirit that never stops searching.

For those of us who first drew breath in the Bluegrass, the pioneer spirit runs deep. At all times, we feel it in our soul. We sense it churning with the rushing rivers and streams. We listen to our own beating heart and know that it’s in our blood. We’re pioneers ourselves, born to a land wild with possibility. This cherished home binds and connects us across generations. We are family. We are Kentucky.

Distillery visitors can get whiskey anywhere. That’s not why they come. No, they pour into Kentucky each year by the thousands for a taste of something more–history, tradition, hospitality–the flavors of this special place we’re lucky to call home.

At Six Mile Creek Distillery we have a story to tell. A story that is rich and soulful. We think you will agree.


Come visit our Historic working distillery for a unique experience:


12606 Castle Highway
Pleasureville, Kentucky 40057

(502) 518-6600

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